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The world needs these books Everything is so serious these days and these kids don t need to be tortured by another thing that is meant to be enjoyable We did our first lesson in this book after trying several other methods and my son didn t want to stop So much fun And e learned in twenty minutes in a way that The Paper Bark Tree Mystery he will actually remember and enjoy thane did in several lessons in other typical beginner books I m in love When teaching younger kids I find it s ard to give them music to play without teaching them something by rote or forcing sheet music on them This book is an incredible alternative that gets kids playing music while learning practical piano skills that will ease. Early childhood is a “magic window” for learning – and young kids shouldn’t wait to learn music “Super Start My First Piano Patterns” teaches young beginners in the way their brains learn best – through patterns and playWelcome to the Super Start Solar System – specifically Planet Plunk – a fun place to begin your exploration of the Meridee Winters Universe This book contains 36 piano songs games and activities that will guarantee a fun and successful start to piano lessons Aided by simple diagrams and playful characters Meridee's trailblazing play by pattern and shape approach as students sounding great from their very first lesson – without

Read Download Meridee Winters Super Start! My First Piano Patterns: Level P (Prep) Ages 5 & Up –

Them into understanding music The book is based on patterns that will become familiar shapes and sounds later on when they read music I cannot recommend this book enough I recently started teaching young children at a community center My experience is mostly with teaching older college level students so it s been a learning experience for me now teaching mostly youngsters I ave tried out a few books and this is my favorite so far Some of the other books I ve tried include too many exercises that don t sound at all like music which is boring for the students and myself I like Meridee s emphasis on creativity and improvisation I think the most important consideration for any studen. Eeding to read music Super Start My First Piano Patterns takes students on a fun tour through Planet Plunk where they learn new skills and songs in each chapter Each exercise is explained in a visual step by step way to allow for frustration free playing Songs gradually increase in skill throughout the book culminating in a final chapter of youngster friendly waltzes and classically inspired pattern songs Once they complete their final concert students are ready to space surf to Meridee's Chord uest Powerful Piano Lessons series where they'll learn chords arpeggios and much muchThe Super Start series was a created by Meridee Winters a trained educator musician and.

Summary Meridee Winters Super Start! My First Piano Patterns: Level P (Prep) Ages 5 & Up

T is engagement and I think this book is really aimed at that It is fun but not overly simplistic and aimed at creating music and aving fun I was so thrilled to Whose Body?: The classic detective fiction series to rediscover this Christmas hear about a new Meridee Winters book that I didn t even know was coming out I found the Chord Crash Course book 1 about a year ago and LOVE it EVERY student in my studio will be usinger books I checked daily for months for Chord Crash Course book 2 to come out It finally did and all of my advanced students finally got a book too Soon I ll be starting a few Kindergarteners What perfect timing Thank you for your amazing easy to read easy to learn easy to sound great and FUN books Your browser does not support HTML5 vide. Performer with several decades of experience creating innovative music teaching materials for Friends In High Places: (Brunetti 9) her respected Philadelphia area and online music school At first glanceer books seem like fun collections of catchy songs and whimsical games but they are deliberately designed to promote creativity engage igher level thinking and demonstrate the powerful patterns found throughout music Super Start Students will learn Hands Finger Numbers Black Keys White Keys The Musical Alphabet Simple Intervals Great sounding Pattern Songs Improvisation Creative SpinsAnd This book is a great supplement to other beginner piano books or can be used as a standalone introduction to piano.

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